Dear [user],
You must read and agree to the information and terms of this statement of consent in order to use the Akhirat Accounts Faith Application. The purpose of the Akhirat Accounts faith application is to provide help and inspiration in your daily practice of the teachings of the Qur'an. In the application, you create a separate account for yourself where you can daily register acts of faith you have performed. This will give you an overview, reminder and inspiration in your daily faith practice. The purpose is for you to experience increased security and satisfaction in your own life by using Akhirat Accounts' faith application as an aid in your daily faith practice.
By reading and clicking Accept at the end of this statement of consent, you give your consent for Akhirat Accounts to store, store and maintain your account information about your own exercise of faith in the manner described in this statement.

Your consent is only valid if you consent of your own free will and conviction, without pressure from other persons, organizations, companies or public authorities. If you are under the age of 18, or are ill and unable to understand what the consent entails, you can not press Accept alone. You will then also need to obtain the consent of your parents or from a representative or appointed guardian.
No child under the age of 12 can register their own account in the Akhirat Accounts faith application, even with the consent of a parent or guardian. No person under the age of 18 can receive money by registering their faith actions in the Akhirat Accounts faith application (?).


Your consent is only valid if you are aware of what you consent to and how Akhirat Account AS stores, stores and safeguards the personal information about you that you enter into your user account on Akhirat Account. In order for your consent to be specific and informed, you must therefore know the following about Akhirat Accounts' faith application:

In your account in the application you can create personal information about yourself, including all acts of faith you perform every day.

By downloading the Akhirat Accounts faith application and accepting this statement of consent, the user undertakes to pay a $ 12 monthly fee as long as you have an account in the Akhirat Accounts faith application.

By registering your own acts of faith, you can earn up to 1400 points per month per day, which can increase over time, based on an internal points system in the application. If you earn more than 800 (?) Points per month, you can get a refund of part of the monthly fee and earn money.

The points you earn in the application may also entitle you to purchase religious goods and articles offered to you by Akhirat Account. This is voluntary. If you do not want to buy items, you can return points you have earned in your account to yourself as cash, via PayPal.

The acts of faith you register on your account in Akhirat Account are only available to you. You can later give express and voluntary consent for others to see your acts of faith, but this presupposes that you then also have access to the acts of faith of the person to whom you give your consent.
Akhirat Account's employees or our hired consultants do not have access to access to your registered acts of faith, only the points you obtain by registering your acts of faith. This protects your personal information, while protecting your financial rights.

Akhirat Account may not sell or share information about your acts of faith, obtained points or other information about you from the application with other persons, organizations, companies or public authorities.

All acts of faith registered in your account in the application are owned by you and controlled by you. Akhirat Account ensures that no one else can access such information without your consent.

As an account holder, you can create a group of 12 account holders to whom you recommend Akhirat Accounts' faith application. You can receive a portion of the $ 12 monthly fee from the 12 account holders in your group. How much you receive will depend on how many points each user earns each month. The 12 account holders in your group will be able to create their own group with up to 12 users. You will be able to receive a small portion of the monthly fee from all of these 144 account holders. These 144 account holders will be able to create their own groups of 12 account holders. You will also be able to receive a small percentage of the monthly fee to these 1726 account holders, based on how many points each account holder earns each month.

The maximum share of the monthly fee that an account holder can receive from 1726 such sub-accounts will be up to 2000 USD per month. per today which will increase after more activities and thus more points. This assumes that 1726 account holders have registered the maximum faith activity for one month, which is unlikely. The goal of the distribution of the monthly fee in Akhirat Account is not for account holders to earn a fortune, but to encourage active and healthy daily exercise of faith, and that each user should be able to free up time every day for active exercise of faith. Further information on registering acts of faith and how each user can earn points in one month can be found here


The consent can be withdrawn
You can always withdraw your consent as a user of the Akhirat Accounts faith application by terminating the subscription. When you end the subscription, all your stored information will be deleted.
If you do not use the faith application for a whole month, you will automatically receive a request if you want to close your account. If you do not respond to this request and still do not use the application, you will receive a new automatic request. If you also do not respond to request number two, your account will be automatically deleted after… days together with the information you have stored in the account.

Documentation of your consent
This consent is stored in your account and can always be retrieved by you whenever you want.
If there are any changes in the operation of Akhirat Accounts' faith application that require new consent from you, you will be contacted about this.

Further help and guidance
You can read more about the processing of personal data in Akhirat Accounts' faith application and your rights here.
You can also contact the Norwegian Data Protection Authority for further guidance or any complaint, should you be dissatisfied with the way we process your personal information. For more information see

Data security
All information you store in Akhirat Accounts' faith application is secured against access from unauthorized persons outside the company and internally in Akhirat Account AS. Our partner for sound computing and data security is Professional Web Solution.
If you in addition to this have questions about our processing of your personal information, you are always welcome to contact Akhirat Account AS by contacting